Wax Carving and Why I Love It

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If you’ve heard the story of Cinebling, you’ll know that the start of it goes like this: I had a job in a large organisation that required me to travel a lot. When I was stuck in a budget hotel for a week, I went along to a wax carving class.
This is the ring that I made:

Cinebling Wax Carving Castle Ring Before and After

I’d made jewellery as a child, and that one evening rekindled something within me. I’d been more stressed out in that job than I realised, and an evening of relaxation and creativity had done me the world of good.

I started to practice wax carving whenever I could – sometimes even on the train if I had a particularly long journey! Wax is a great material to use to create pieces of jewellery, which are then cast into precious metals such as silver, gold, rose-gold and more.

This is a picture of me by my casting machine (it wasn’t deliberate, but it worked out pretty well!)


Cinebling Joy Smith and Wax Casting Machine

The wax used is a special type of wax, that is blended for it’s strength and how it burns out. It’s important that the wax doesn’t leave any residue, otherwise this ash would be mixed into the jewellery.
Wax carving is a very accessible way of starting to make jewellery, and I believe this so much, I started to sell wax carving taster kits. You can check them out here. Your only limitation is your imagination!
For more information about wax carving, check out the infographic below:

Cinebling Wax Carving Process Infographic

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