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Cinebling Movie Review Ingrid Goes West

A film consciously rooted in the technology age, Ingrid Goes West shows just how easy it could be for all our social media sharing to go wrong.

Played by Aubrey Plaza (Life After Beth) who masters the creepy smile in the first few minutes, it is clear that Ingrid has her issues. However, these are not explored in depth, medicalising or trying to excuse Ingrid’s actions. Instead, it focuses on Ingrid’s behaviour and relationships, which makes it fascinating viewing.
The work is very much single-mindedly focussed on Ingrid – there is barely a scene that she isn’t in. Plaza’s performance carries the whole film and makes Ingrid’s stalking seem believable and almost rational, while Elizabeth Olsen brings a depth to the ultra-positive Taylor Sloane that clues the audience into the fact that all is not quite what it seems.
At the beginning of the film, Ingrid is a mess – discharged from a psychiatric care facility and living alone in a home where her mother’s presence lingers. The inheritance Ingrid receives is the catalyst she needs to change her life, so she changes from Ingrid.Thorburn to IngridGoesWest.
It’s startling how easy it is for Ingrid to track down her Instastar, especially as Ingrid isn’t the sort of charismatic psychopath sometimes portrayed in stories – she is awkward, clumsy, and takes her time to warm up, but once warmed to her, we wholeheartedly root for her.
Each of the supporting characters has an interesting arc, and things really heat up when Ingrid starts to find herself being pushed out of Taylor’s very intimate circle.
Conclusion: Double-tap – we liked it!
Overall Rating: Not everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely worth a watch!
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