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WARNING: This reviewer is not a consumer of comic books. Any inconsistencies with the comics will not be addressed here. It only reflects the film as a standalone work. 

Cinebling Movie Review Wonder Woman

There are those in the world that have seen way too many superhero movies, and there are those that will never watch enough. Luckily, Wonder Woman is of a calibre that both sides of the superhero appreciation coin will enjoy. Gal Gadot was best known for her roles in The Fast and The Furious franchise, but not only does she bring warmth to the role, her naivety shines through in the most genuine of ways during her time spent in a more mixed up world.
When the Amazon's world is rocked by the arrival of a downed pilot and the Nazis who are hunting him, Diana (aka Wonder Woman to us mortals) takes up the mantle of peace keeper. She journeys to a world where she is patronised left, right and centre. The decision around the period setting can be easily explained - it creates conflict, it provides motivation and, let's face it, WWII films are still very popular because they provide us with a very bad 'baddie'. The reservations around setting are soon dissolved as the team of renegades that Diana recruits smash their way through no man’s land and eventually defeat the Nazis.
I had the pleasure of experiencing this film on an IMAX in 3D, and almost wish I could watch every film that way. The world that the team have created draws you in, from the beautiful, lush Amazon dreamworld to the war-devastated regions that are visited by the scruffy band of misfits.
The only downside to this film was the lack of confidence to let Wonder Woman truly star, rather than effectively co-lead with Chris Pine. Still, I can't wait to join Wonder Woman on her next adventure!
CONCLUSION: Action packed and fun, this is a truly satisfying superhero film.
Overall rating: Go see this now! Run. Why are you still sitting there reading this? I said, run!

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