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Cinebling Movie Review The Matrix

When The Matrix was released in 1999, it was hailed by many quarters as an instant classic. Exactly 20 years later, it retains many of the elements that made it such a hit the first time around.
Although technology has crept further and further into our lives, it has done so insidiously, and without stellar movies like The Matrix to remind us that we should exercise some caution.
A loner hacker, Neo, is pulled into the real world and out of the matrix, as he 'follows the rabbit' and discovers the truth from Morpheus and Trinity. The brief glimpse we get of the Oracle in this first film establishes a character who seems knowing, but not as pretentious or godly as the subsequent films make her. It is a joy to watch Neo come out of his shell and to emerge as an extremely confident fighter and 'the one'. The transition is nothing short of miraculous, yet the arc is also credible, due to strong supporting characters and great writing.
Despite being 20 years old, the action still packs a punch, and the special effects hold up remarkably well. This will have you questioning your self and your environment for days after, as well as freaking out at the tiniest hint of déjà vu. The double-cross is particularly effective, as it also serves to make the audience question whether they could live in the same conditions as the rebels, or whether some semblance of a fake world would be better than the truth.
CONCLUSION: Loved this, but was it real?
Overall rating: Go see this now! Run. Why are you still sitting there reading this? I said, run!

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