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Cinebling Movie Review Colossal

Colossal's main premise is a 'what if' with a big difference. This quirky indie movie stars Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables) as Gloria, an alcoholic who returns to her hometown after being thrown out by her boyfriend. Although there is little to establish how long her alcohol addiction has grown for, the brevity is much appreciated as this has little effect on the story, other than banishing Gloria back to her home town.
Once home, she soon runs into an old friend and lands a job at his bar, serving drinks up and then indulging her addiction through the night and into the morning. At the same time, a giant monster appears and smashes up large parts of Seoul, in South Korea. As metaphors go, it should be like being beaten round the head, but the initial combination of joy and horror with which the characters react - making the monster dance, for example - allows the film to carry this off.
The realisation that Gloria is, in fact, the monster, seems to be the wake-up call needed for the alcoholic to try and change her ways, but a twist in the story means that another character has the mother-of-all-leverage over her. This takes various forms, and initially starts out amicably enough. At one point, Gloria’s empty house is furnished, apparently for the sole purpose of being smashed up during a later fight scene that provides a new twist on a special friendship.
CONCLUSION: Unusual but enjoyable!
Overall rating: Not necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but definitely worth a watch. Check it out on IMDB here!

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