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Cinebling Movie Review Lego Ninjago

Following two successful Lego movies, the toy brick company is back with a third – Lego Ninjago. This time, the story centres on Lloyd (voiced by Dave Franco) who is also known as L-loyd in a running joke throughout the film.
At first glance Lloyd is an unhappy teenager, admittedly with more cause than most given that his father is evil warlord Garmadon (Justin Theroux). Garmadon’s only plans centre around ruling the island of Ninjago, having apparently completely forgotten he had a son at all. Lloyd is unable to forget, as he is shunned at every turn by his peers. However, like many superheroes, Lloyd leads a double-life as the Green Ninja, one of a band of ninja trained by Master Wu (Jackie Chan) who protect the island from Garmadon.
As the action unravels, Ninjago is threatened, along with Lloyd’s secret identity. Master Wu struggles to keep the group of ninja focussed on their task of protecting the island, despite a betrayal when Lloyd unleashes The Ultimate Weapon.
The whimsy and imagination that made both of the first two Lego movies so enjoyable is still present here – the way Garmadon fires his first general being a great example, as well as showing how well the writers have used the ‘kickback’ device.
The questions around Lloyd and Garmadon’s relationship continue, as well as whether or not the group of ninja will stick together, and whether Lloyd can unlock his true power as the Green Ninja.
CONCLUSION: Ninja action, Lego-style!
Overall rating: Not necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but definitely worth a watch.
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