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“She who from April dates her years,
Diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow; this stone,
Emblem of innocence, is known.”
Although April’s children are unfortunate in that they have only one birthstone to choose from, let’s face it: diamond is a corker!

Cinebling Birthstone Blog April Diamond Bracelet
Traditionally, April is a month for showers, if you’re in the UK. This is particularly apt for the diamond birthstone, as diamonds were believed to be ‘tears of the sky’ or fallen stars. Diamonds have been considered the most valuable of all precious gems by a number of cultures, including our own, and were first mined in India.
Diamond is suitably named, as the word diamond is derived from the ancient Greek word adámas which would translate today as ‘unbreakable’, ‘indestructible’ or ‘invincible’. Shirley Bassey wasn’t lying when she sang ‘diamonds are forever!’
Getting technical, diamond is the earth’s hardest naturally occurring substance, so no need to worry about these gems not wearing well. It’s made up of exactly the same element as charcoal or pencil lead – carbon. In diamonds, the atoms are aligned differently, making the bonds extremely strong. In fact, it’s 58 times harder than anything else that has been found in nature, and can only be cut by another diamond. The reason for this strength is that diamonds are formed at depths of 90-120 miles, under immense pressure and heat. Around 250 tons of earth will be mined to produce a one carat diamond.
The brilliance of diamonds has fascinated people for centuries, and it is actually their pure whiteness that gives them such a special sparkle, which has become known as ‘bling’. The term has been attributed to Shaquille O’Neal to describe the way light bounces off a diamond NBA championship ring, though it is now commonly used to describe almost anything shiny.
For anyone out there thinking ‘diamonds, boring!’ firstly, what is your idea of interesting? You may feel that diamonds have been overused by engagement rings and wedding bands, which is understandable. Diamond’s strength is used in these circumstances to symbolise the strength and enduring love a couple share. Secondly, fear not! Like many gems, diamonds come in a variety of colours, so if the idea of a white diamond bores you (again, what?) there are plenty of other colours to choose from.
Lady Gaga wore a beautiful yellow diamond to the 2019 Oscars. It was from the Tiffany & Co archives, and was a jaw-dropping 128.54-carat centre-piece. This is only the third time it has been worn publicly.
Diamonds are also found in red, pink, blue, green and black, and range in their colour intensity. Coloured diamonds may command a higher price than a colourless diamond of equal size, because they are more desirable, and also less common.

Cinebling Birthstone Blog April Array of Coloured Diamonds

As strange as it sounds, a century ago, ladies were not supposed to wear diamonds before 5 in the evening. Why keep such a beautiful thing hidden away for so many hours a day? Today, we wear them all day, every day - that’s much more fun!

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