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Cinebling Movie Review The Dead Zone by Luke2Another

The Dead Zone was reviewed by our special film-lovin' guest, @luketoanotherThe Dead Zone was published in 1979 as legendary author Stephen King’s seventh novel and was soon adapted for the big screen by cult director David Cronenberg who delivers a chilling genre-spanning movie starring the ever brilliant Christopher Walken.
Walken plays Johnny Smith, a school teacher engaged to be married to his fiancée Sarah before falling victim to a horrific road accident leaving him in a coma for five years. By the time Johnny wakes, everything has changed. He has temporarily lost the use of his legs. Sarah has married another man and has a child. And he discovers that he now possesses a third sight, the ability to visualise the past, future and the secrets of people he comes into physical contact with. He’s briefly reunited with Sarah but the pair struggle to reconcile with so many years having passed.
Johnny saves lives using his power and he is enlisted by the police to help with a serial killer hunt however it’s soon evident that his health and recovery is seriously impacted by using this new found sight. Johnny is given an other-worldly profile by the media and he is bombarded by letters from the public asking for his help, but by this time he has grown weak and he becomes a recluse.
That is until he encounters Greg Stillson, played by Martin Sheen. Stillson is an opinion-splitting political figure (think Trump!) who is hotly tipped as future President. A chance meeting and handshake with Stillson shows Johnny that Stillson will in fact become President and will lead the country into horrific war crimes. Johnny is torn as to where his responsibilities end. He’s heartbroken. And he’s still extremely weak.
CONCLUSION: A stylish horror, love story and political thriller!
Overall rating: Not necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but definitely worth a watch.
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