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Cinebling Movie Review Alan Partidge Alpha Papa

Fans of Steve Coogan's famous Alan Partridge character had long been crying out for a movie, and in 2013 they got their wish.

Change is in the air at North Norfolk Digital, bringing turmoil to Alan Partridge’s unique world. When new management start making changes, Alan feels that his job is under threat – with some justification.

In true Partridge style, he weasels his way out of the situation. However, not everyone at the station is that lucky, and an aggrieved party returns on the night of the rebrand launch. They are not alone, having brought a shotgun, and things escalate quickly.

Taking the radio station hostage is a pretty bold and recognisable act, though the penny takes a while to drop for Alan, who unwittingly becomes part of the siege. Once he gets his wits back, he positions himself between the police and the hostage taker in order to further his own career.

Alan's usual philosophical musings run through the film, posing such questions as 'which is the worst monger?' and there is some excellent attention to detail in the way the film is crafted. A criticism of this film has been that it runs like a 90 minute version of the TV show, to which fans of Alan Partridge responded 'what's wrong with that?'

There are plenty of laughs for those that enjoy Alan's unique brand, and the film climaxes on the beautiful Cromer pier, keeping a distinctly British feel throughout.

Conclusion: Textbook Partridge.

Overall Rating: Not everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely worth a watch!
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