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Cinebling Movie Review Oceans Eleven

The first film in what turned into a very successful franchise, Ocean’s Eleven focuses on George Clooney as Danny Ocean, and Brad Pitt as Rusty Ryan, though there are a host of other great performances from a diverse range of characters. Ensemble pieces are usually considered quite hard to deliver but Ocean’s Eleven breaks all the rules.
Danny Ocean is a conman extraordinaire, who is released from prison in a tux. The first con that Danny pulls is on both us, the audience, and the parole board, as we instantly buy into his performance of a reformed man, who is fit to walk the streets.
Once out of prison, Danny wastes no time in breaching his parole by doing things like looking up his old (presumably criminal) contacts and leaving the state. Danny puts together a team for his most ambitious job yet, a heist involving three casinos in Las Vegas, netting a cool $150 million. At first, it seems impossible, and a puzzle to be solved simply because it would be the greatest con of all time, but as the story unravels, the movies become clearer and more personal.
Directed by Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh, the film is in safe hands, the slick storyline being supported by some equally slick long shots that leave you holding your breath without realising it. There are plenty of close calls, double-crosses and near misses that lead to a satisfying ‘end of part one’.
Conclusion: A little insight into the hard work of illusions.

Overall Rating: Not everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely worth a watch!
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