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Cinebling Movie Review School of Rock

Currently running as a musical in London (UK), School of Rock blasted onto screens way back in 2003. Starring Jack Black as Dewey Finn, an adult who refuses to 'grow up and get a real job', this work is decidedly feel-good without being overly saccharine. Finn's love of rock is so deep and sincere that his actions have the younger members of the audience into believing that anything is possible, and have the adult population questioning their life choices.
After being kicked out of his band and threatened with eviction from his flatmate, Finn answers a call that changes his life. He passes himself off as his flatmate, and snares a job substitute teaching at an expensive private school. How hard can it be, right? The plan is a fantastic one, until faced with the reality of actually leading a class, Finn manages to convince them that they are working on a special 'secret project' which is really a Battle of the Bands contest.
The children in the cast all give stellar performances, and there is real joy in watching children who were previously straight-laced and ambitious loosen their ties and call their head teacher 'the man'. Of course, the Battle of the Bands performance is excellent, and the story has an ending which is probably happier than it really should be, the flatmates blending their skills to provide them both with something to be passionate about.
CONCLUSION: You better get me to school on time!
OVERALL RATING: Go see this now! Run. Why are you still sitting there reading this? I said, run!
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