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Cinebling Movie Review Man Up

Starring Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz, Star Trek) and Lake Bell (In A World..., It’s Complicated), Man Up is a British romcom based on a rather unBritish meet-cute: what if you stole another person's blind date? It's impolite, risky, sneaky, and definitely underhand, but it makes for an entertaining film.
The two leads have very different approaches to their love-lives, but most importantly they have chemistry, and this is a large part of what makes the improbable set up work. Bell plays Nancy, introduced as a singleton so in need of life advice that a stranger on a train actually starts dishing it out. She picks up the self-help book in order to return it to the passenger, and is mistaken for his blind date. Having been pressured by everyone in her life to keep dating – including the stranger on the train – she goes along with it.
Pegg plays Jack, a soon-to be-divorced 40 year old, who has a more laid-back attitude to finding someone new. Trying his luck with a blind date, who should be some years his junior, he ends up nervously babbling so much at Nancy that she doesn’t have time to correct his initial flawed assumption.
As with most romcoms, complications abound, including exes, missed deadlines and speeches. All of these things stem from the characters taking a chance to see how it plays out, and while the consequences aren’t always pretty, they are pretty funny.
CONCLUSION: A quirky, funny, refreshing romcom.
Overall Rating: Not everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely worth a watch!
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