Searching for the perfect identity: Ideas for your ID jewellery

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You’re looking for a gift as unique as the person you’re giving it to, or you want a piece of jewellery that really reflects who you are. Hand-stamped ID jewellery is the perfect place to start! But if you’re not quite sure what you want to get stamped on it, read on…
I have been asked to make rings with many different designs, ranging from the sickly sweet nickname for a lover, to simply four asterixes.
The list is practically endless, but here are a few of my favourites.
Although at first glance this is ‘standard’, there are lots of options: your first name, your full name, initials, nicknames or even your stage name or writing alias. The choice is yours.
This category also has a lot of potential. It can be something romantic – day you met, first date, first kiss, wedding date or another special date from your romance diary. Or, it could be something that relates to your love of film. Everyone has that one movie that changed their life forever, so why not keep that inspiration close? The date your favourite film was released, the date you first watched it, or maybe even the date it won an award.
I’ll be back. I'm cool, I promise you. I promised Bubba. I promised Gandalf. I promise Prim.
Or more traditionally; I do, Forever, Till death do us part, I'll do the dishes....

Song Title
Your favourite song, whether it’s from a movie sound-track or not!

Meaningful words or lyrics
From a favourite poem or song or even line from a film.

Stars. Maybe just five stars for your reviews. Infinity, Hearts, Crosses.

To the stars. You had me at hello. To me, you are perfect. As you wish. Truly madly deeply, Love, honour, cherish,  Always yours, Happily Ever After.
Team Antag or Team Protag? Team Marvel or Team DC? Team Cap? Team Stark? 
Whatever hashtag defines you and you want to keep close to you. #amwriting #actorslife 
Grid reference
Where do you watch the most movies? Where is your favourite film set? 221B Baker Street? How about the grid reference of a romantic place like where you met, were proposed to or tied the knot? If you don't know the reference, you can find these out from Google Maps!
These are often secret messages hidden inside the band. Writer, Actor, Director, Entrepreneur - whatever is inside you, that keeps you motivated,
The possibilities are endless - have fun choosing!

Cinebling Sterling Silver ID Rings Stacked with Popcorn

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