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Cinebling Movie Review Oceans Twelve

Following the success of Ocean’s Eleven, Danny and the team are back, this time with a challenge that sees them having to pull off not a three-in-one, but three separate major heists. As the name suggests, all the original eleven are back, and this time it’s not Danny’s love life that has the potential to do the damage.

As with most sequels, it would be possible to enjoy the film without having watched Ocean’s Eleven, but if you have, it will enhance your enjoyment of this film, as the characters develop as the film unravels.
There is a change of tone for this film. The start sees Danny (George Clooney) and Tess (Julia Roberts) enjoying building their life together. The glitz and bombast of Las Vegas has been switched for European sophistication, which is photographed beautifully.
There are some common elements though. The villain of the piece is the same too, as Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) track them down and demands his money back. – As with the first film, the sequel doesn’t take itself or its stars too seriously, which is made very clear in one particular sequence.
Some reviews of this movie complain that they felt cheated because of the twist at the end, but essentially that’s the hallmark of a good con film – even you don’t know the truth, right up until the end.
Sure, it could be said that the movie does stretch reality a little, but that’s just another way of describing “movie magic”, which Ocean’s Twelve has more than a sprinkling of.
Conclusion: Great actors, beautiful scenery, funny lines and nice camera work.

Overall Rating: Not everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely worth a watch!
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