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WARNING: This reviewer is not a consumer of comic books. Any inconsistencies with the comics will not be addressed in this piece. It only reflects the film as a standalone work.

Cinebling Movie Review Spider-Man Homecoming
British-born Tom Holland takes the lead for this highly enjoyable foray into the world of Spider-Man. I was sceptical about the cross-over with Iron Man and the Avengers (too many images of corporate 'synergy' sprang to mind) but thankfully, the appearances are kept to a minimum, allowing Homecoming to spin its own story, and Tom Holland to make the role his own.
Spider-Man is known for his zingers, and the film delivers on that, reimagining an awkward toilet scene that doesn't involve any bodily fluids, and a great new take on the car-ride to homecoming. As with most Spider-Man films, this deals with a Peter Parker who is coming to terms with his relatively new-found powers, schoolwork and keeping Aunt May happy. Much has been made of Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May, and my only criticism would be that we didn’t see enough of her.
In fact, the only negatives for Homecoming would be the lack of female roles, but we have just seen Wonder Woman, and, frankly, no women is preferable to some of the female roles in previous Spider-Man films where the only requirement appeared to be 'ability to scream'.
I enjoyed this much more than I expected to. Yes, there are many impossible moments, but it's a superhero film. The tone is just right, the action is well paced, and the lead character learns some lessons along the way. What more do you want? Sit back, suspend disbelief and enjoy it.
CONCLUSION: Light, witty and engaging.
Overall rating: Not necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but definitely worth a watch.

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