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“The February-born shall find
Sincerity and peace of mind,
Freedom from passion and from care,
If they an amethyst will wear”
The name “amethyst” comes from the Greek word for “sober,” and in ancient times Amethyst was thought to represent sobriety and sanity. Some Greeks even believed they were protected from being drunk by wearing this stone. The Hebrew word for amethyst is "ahlamah” which means "dream”; the stone was supposed to cause pleasant and lucid dreams and visions.  It is interesting that the takes on Amethyst are so different!

Cinebling Birthstone Blog February Amethyst Crystals
More generally, it has been used to symbolise deep love, happiness, humility, sincerity and wealth, and Amethysts are believed to be highly positive to those wearing them.
Amethyst is really the purple variety of quartz, a mineral family that includes smoky quartz, rose quartz, citrine, and adventurine. Agate and jasper are also variants of quartz. Amethyst’s colour can vary from a hint of lavender to a very dark plum colour. The colour is formed by remnants of iron in the crystalline structure when the gem was formed. Amethyst can also contain ‘colour zoning’ where there are multiple shades of the same colour within the piece.
Amethyst, and quartz in general, don't have "predetermined" geographic regions. It can form in most places, though you probably shouldn’t get too excited about finding it in your backyard! It is typically found in mountainous areas or craters.
Purple has been a ‘royal colour’ throughout the ages. Amethyst has been found in the personal items of many kings and queens, not only because of its colour, but also its symbolic properties. Catherine the Great of Russia was especially fond of this beautiful gemstone.

Cinebling Birthstone Blog Amethyst Strands
It’s fun to have amethyst for your birthstone, because you can choose the deep, rich purple tone of royalty, or a lighter, lavender shade, depending on the colours you like to wear. Whether you find it in a bracelet, necklace or ring, Amethyst is one of the most beautiful and unique stones there is – just like those with birthdays in February!

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