Everything Is Twisted: The Inspiration Behind The Plot Twist Collection

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The new Plot Twist Collection is sleek, chic and a twist on contemporary minimalist pieces. But why this collection, why now?


I’d had a vague, half-formed idea about a collection inspired by plot twists in early January, after talking with a friend about how some of our favourite movies had plot twists in them.


Then it became clear, sometime in the middle of March, that we were going to be living through a pretty twisty-turny sort of a year.


I’d love to have released the collection as soon as I’d thought of it, but it doesn’t usually work like that. Some writers and artists will talk of fully formed ideas just materialising out of thin air, and when that happens, it’s amazing. But it doesn’t happen very often.


The first Plot Twist ring I made went very wrong, I don’t mind telling you. It looked beautiful but was basically unwearable. I made it too twisty and it was really rather uncomfortable. It didn’t take much to put it right, but in my enthusiasm, I’d gone a little bit wrong. It happens. No book or screenplay was ever right the first draft!


Then I started to experiment with different shapes of wire, twisting them and looking at how they interacted with the light. They all look completely different and I wanted each piece to be unique. So, each piece is completely handmade, by me. It takes a little longer and a lot of extra elbow grease, but it’s worth it.


There are three shapes to choose from; wide rectangular wire, square wire, and D shaped wire. The square one looks very different from the rectangular wire due to their dimensions, but I think the D shaped is my favourite. One side is flat, the other curved. The feel of the metal and the way the two sides act differently win me over. The D Shaped ring has an extra twist though, otherwise it’d be impossible to join it together (well, neatly, anyway!). It’s the type of wire that is usually used to make wedding rings.

 Cinebling Plot Twist ALL Rings Small


(From left to right: D shaped wire, Rectangular wire, Square wire.)

The thing that really stands out in the collection for me is the rings. As well as being a sublime twist of a ring, as they’re soldered back together to make one gorgeous ribbon of metal, It also happens to be a mobius strip. This is a concept from mathematics, where you can stay on one side of the ring and yet apparently swap sides. Confused?

Like a normal loop, you could walk round it and never reach the end – you’d just go round and round and round until your head span (someone put Kylie on, quick!). In a Mobius strip, you’d got round and round, but you’d walk on both sides of the loop. That’s because it only has one side, and one edge.


I also started to look at the different types of plot twist that exist in movies. There’s a ton of them, and they’re pretty much all so fantastic that they’ll leave you on the edge of your seat. Check out my list of awesome plot twist movies here – no spoilers!


Whether your year has been full on or your foot has been off the gas a little, you’ve no doubt felt the twists of 2020. If you’re looking for a gift for someone, or a treat for yourself, you’re sure to find a piece you love in the Plot Twist collection!

Cinebling Plot Twist Pendant on White2

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