last order dates 2020

I always seem to say it around this time of year - doesn't time fly?

But, until we can 'energise' things like they do in Star Trek, we'll keep on posting things. I love the sound of the post dropping through the door, and hopefully when you get your parcel from Cinebling, it'll make your day too!

Here are the last order dates for this year:
Any international order - Friday 4th December
UK Bespoke Orders (Rings, Creative Keys) - Friday 11th December
All other UK Orders - Friday 18th December

Why so early?

Well, I am a designer and maker, which means that pretty much everything in the business is done by me. As the meme goes, "I am not Amazon Prime".

The last thing I want to do is let anybody down, so I need to make sure that I have enough time to make, finish (the technical term for making it shiny!), wrap, pack and get everything to the Post Office in time for the cut off dates.

Sometimes it would be fun to be a cardboard robot, but not all the time, and definitely not in the rain!